Deploy first WASM contract


To complete this tutorial, you need to:

Source Code

The complete source code is located hereopen in new window.

Getting Started

  • Generate a new wallet for testing.
cored keys add wallet $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
  • Use the faucet to fund your account

  • Clone the smart contract template

git clone
  • Go to the template directory.
cd cw-contracts/contracts/nameservice

Build contract

  • Build optimized WASM smart contract:
docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/code \
  --mount type=volume,source="$(basename "$(pwd)")_cache",target=/target \
  --mount type=volume,source=registry_cache,target=/usr/local/cargo/registry \

This operation might take a significant amount of time.

    • If you get a following error:
error: could not find `Cargo.toml` in `/code` or any parent directory

Check if you are in a right directory (should be cw-contracts/contracts/nameservice)

Deploy contract

  • List the already deployed contract codes.
cored q wasm list-code $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
  • Deploy the built artifact.
RES=$(cored tx wasm store artifacts/cw_nameservice.wasm \
    --from wallet --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 -y -b block --output json $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS)
echo $RES    
CODE_ID=$(echo $RES | jq -r '.logs[0].events[-1].attributes[-1].value')
echo $CODE_ID
  • Check the deployed code.

Instantiate contract

  • Instantiating the contract.
cored tx wasm instantiate $CODE_ID "$INIT" --from wallet --label "name service" -b block -y --no-admin $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
  • Check the contract details and account balance.
cored q wasm list-contract-by-code $CODE_ID --output json $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
CONTRACT_ADDRESS=$(cored q wasm list-contract-by-code $CODE_ID --output json $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS | jq -r '.contracts[-1]')

Interact with the contract

  • Register a name for the wallet address on the contract.
cored tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS "$REGISTER" --amount 100$COREUM_DENOM --from wallet -b block -y $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
  • Query the owner of the name record.
NAME_QUERY='{"resolve_record": {"name": "fred"}}'
cored q wasm contract-state smart $CONTRACT_ADDRESS "$NAME_QUERY" --output json $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS

The owner is the "wallet" now.

  • Transfer the ownership of the name record to "new-owner" wallet.
cored keys add new-owner $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
RECIPIENT_ADDRESS=$(cored keys show --address new-owner $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS)
cored tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS "$TRANSFER" --amount 999$COREUM_DENOM --from wallet -b block -y $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS
  • Query the record owner again to see the new owner address.
echo "Recipient address: $RECIPIENT_ADDRESS"
NAME_QUERY='{"resolve_record": {"name": "fred"}}'
cored q wasm contract-state smart $CONTRACT_ADDRESS "$NAME_QUERY" --output json $COREUM_NODE_ARGS $COREUM_CHAIN_ID_ARGS

Next steps

  • Read Coreum modules specification, to be familiar with the custom Coreum functionality you can use for your application.
  • Read WASM docsopen in new window to understand all supported WASM features.
  • Check other tutorials to find something you might be interested in additionally.
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