Explorer API - Beta

The tutorial provides the instruction on how to use the Explorer API.


The primary hasura API is GraphQL API. All GraphQL Query endpoints are public and available for the usage. The list of supported Explorer APIs can be found on the page network-variables.md. For the production usage we advise to deploy your own Explorer Backend. The source code can be found hereopen in new window.

GraphQL Schema

The GraphQL schema is located hereopen in new window. It describes all supported queries and can be used for the client code generation.

GraphQL Playground

To run and play with the GraphQL represented as a UI you need:

  "name": "Explorer Schema",
  "schemaPath": "schema.graphql",
  "extensions": {
    "endpoints": {
      "Remote SWAPI GraphQL Endpoint": {
        "url": " https://hasura.testnet-1.coreum.dev/v1/graphql",
        "headers": {
          "user-agent": "JS GraphQL"
        "introspect": true
  • Run the graphql-playground and chose the .graphqlconfig as config.

  • Execute the query

To get transactions by address, use that query

    messages_by_address(args: {addresses: "{testcore1sxu4sumja8c53gvyn7cctqlsqm27w6jh0dnvdm}", limit: "50", offset: "0", types: "{}"}) {

The same request can be represented as a raw request:

curl --location 'https://hasura.testnet-1.coreum.dev/v1/graphql' \
--header 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
--data '{"operationName":"GetMessagesByAddress","variables":{"limit":50,"offset":0,"types":"{}","address":"{testcore1sxu4sumja8c53gvyn7cctqlsqm27w6jh0dnvdm}"},"query":"query GetMessagesByAddress($address: _text, $limit: bigint = 50, $offset: bigint = 0, $types: _text = \"{}\") {\n  messagesByAddress: messages_by_address(\n    args: {addresses: $address, types: $types, limit: $limit, offset: $offset}\n  ) {\n    transaction {\n      height\n      hash\n      success\n      messages\n      logs\n      block {\n        height\n        timestamp\n        __typename\n      }\n      __typename\n    }\n    __typename\n  }\n}\n"}'

Pay attention that examples are for the testnet network, so if you want to use different you need to update the address for the corresponding network.

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