Monitoring cored instances is achieved through the use of Prometheusopen in new window, and Grafanaopen in new window. This monitoring feature is presetned as a docker compose bundle, which orchestrates both the prometheus scraper, and the grafana observability platform.

As of right now, Tenderming metrics are scraped and shown in the graphs. A list of available metrics can be found hereopen in new window.


Please ensure that you have dockeropen in new window installed and running.

Tendermint exposes a port for Prometheus, which by default is set to 26660. Please ensure that there are no other processes requiring this port.

Running the Monitoring Service

If the prerequisites have been met, the bundle can be started by running

docker-compose up -d

Then, navigate to http://localhost:3100/d/UJyurCTWz/coreum-network-monitoring?orgId=1&from=now-5m&to=now&refresh=1s to access the frontend application.

Stopping the Monitoring Service

The Monitoring Service may be stopped by simply running

docker-compose down


The docker-compose command is only meaningful when executed in the root folder of this repository. Hence, both the start (docker-compose up -d) and stop (docker-compose down) commands must be run in the root folder of this repository.

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